Friday, March 7, 2014

Long term parking customer Lysias finally in port

Not that  I am keeping track of waiting times particularly, but it is certainly seems like it was a long wait for the tanker Lysias. It arrived at anchor off Halifax February 21 and only tied up at Imperial Oil early this morning.

Lysias at Imperial Oil this morning.

From what I can tell the ship has cargo from Texas. It was built in 2008 by the prolific STX  Shipbuilding + Offshore in Jinhae, South Korea. Operated by Grace Management of Athens, it measures 29,993 grt and 51,268 dwt.

The endless lines of tankers continues, with Energy Pride  and Cape Brasilia waiting at anchor off Chebucto Head.

MR Kentaurus that had been hanging around Halifax from February 19, sailed early this morning, to free up the berth for Lysias.  

MR Kentaurus anchored in Bedford Basin March 4.

On the other hand the tanker Okhta Bridge was able to get in and out of port in record time. It arrived March 3 and sailed March 5.

Okhta Bridge anchored briefly March 3.

Okhta Bridge is another Korean built ship, from 2004 out of Hyundai Mipo in Ulsan. It is 27,829 grt, 47,803 dwt and is owned by the Russian Unicom, but managed from Cyprus.


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