Monday, August 17, 2020

Bigger Yet

It is not just container ships that are getting bigger and bigger. Auto carriers have also been increasing in size too. With the enlarged Panama canal coming into operation in 2016 ship owners took advantage of the increased size allowances to build larger ships of all types, and auto carriers were no exception. Since they are frequent users of the Panama facility it made sense to increase the size of ships.

One such larger carrier called in Halifax today, August 17. Orion Highway was built in 2016, by the Japan Marine United Corp in Ariake*. Its dimensions of 199.90m long x 37.500m breadth, give 76,299 gt, 20,500 dwt. and a capacity of 7,625 cars.

 "Decorated" in K-Lines' new graphics, Orion Highway clears Eastern Passage outbound.

Most auto carriers dock at established facilities that do not have the ability to handle longer ships, however new Panamax sizes allowed for wider ships thus increasing capacity.
Old Panamax: 298.56m x 32.21m   Neopanamax: 366m x 51.25m

* Japan Marine United was formed in 2013 when several major shipbuilders merged. The Ariake yard was formerly a Hitachi Zosen facility.


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