Friday, August 28, 2020

CMA CGM Corte Real - first of two Ultras -CORRECTED

 PSA Halifax, the southend container terminal operator, will be  hosting two Ultra class container ships at the same time this weekend. First in was CMA CGM Corte Real [ see footnote] arriving early this evening.

The ship has a capacity of 13,880 TEU including 800 reefers. Daewoo Okpo built the ship in 2010 and it measures 151,446 gt, 165,182 dwt.

The almost identically sized APL Sentosa is due tomorrow, and both ships are shown berthed at the same time. Work on the Pier C southward extension has not been completed, but it may be sufficiently advanced that both ships can be secured. To be continued...


Both ships did not dock at the same time, but in fact took turns, with APL Sentosa arriving after CMA CGM Corte Real sailed.

Footnote: The Corte-Real family were early Portuguese explorers of the New World, including Newfoundland. In about 1500 Gaspar Corte-Real kidnapped 57 indigenous people in Labrador and sold them into slavery to finance his voyage. Although lionized by Portuguese propagandists, he has been thoroughly discredited in Newfoundland and Labrador. Nevertheless a memorial statue is still standing in St.John's. 


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