Thursday, April 15, 2021

New for Leeway

 LeeWay Marine, the Dartmouth based survey vessel operator, is just about to take delivery of the latest addition to its fleet. The vessel arrived this morning April 15, as deck cargo on the Dutch multi-purpose and heavy lift ship Suomigracht

The Spliethoff's ship is equipped with one 120 tonne, one 90 tonne and one 55 tonne crane so should have no trouble with the lift.

Leeway renamed their newest craft Novus when they registered it in Halifax on April 6. Built in 2010 by Abeking and Rasmussen, Lemwerder, Germany,  it was originally named Natalia Bekker, then in 2016 it became Windea Five, the name currently showing on its bow and stern.

Novus is a SWATH type twin hulled  boat built for offshore wind farm crew transfer and supplies. Powered by two MTU engines it can do 18 knots, and can carry twelve passengers with a crew of three.

SWATH (small waterplane area twin hull) craft were designed for stability by Nova Scotia inventor Frederick G. Creed. One of the first craft to use the technology was named for him when it joined the Canadian Coast Guard. See previous posts here . That vessel was scrapped last year.

Leeway Marine specializes in marine data acquisition and craft such as the Novus are valuable for their stability even in rough seas, and at reasonable speed. 


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