Saturday, April 17, 2021

Rosalia - bulk loading delayed

The bulker Rosalia arrived April 15 to load wood pellets, but loading has been delayed off and on by rainy weather. There is no way to protect the cargo from moisture during rain, so loading is suspended. The wood pellets arrive in Halifax by truck from the preparation plant and are transferred to Halifax Grain Elevators. The grain drying equipment is used to reduce and control the moisture content of the pellets which will be used as "hog fuel" for power generation,likely in Denmark.


Under the spouts and ready to load - weather permitting*

Built in 2016 by Jiangsu Hantong Ship Heavy Industry in Tongzhou, China, the Rosalia is a 25,546 gt, 38,558 dwt vessel equipped with four 35 tonne cranes, but without grab buckets. (Grab buckets can be hard on ships and hard on certain types of cargo such as grains.)

Splosna Plovba Doo of Portoroz, Slovenia is the listed owner of the ship, however that small seven ship company is part of the 400 ship Peter Dohle Group of Hamburg. With 200 container ships (on charter to others) and some 300 bulkers and multi-purpose ships, Dohle is one of the largest non-liner operators in the world.

* the ship is tied up at pier 28 under the "grain" loading spouts, and almost impossible to photograph. Now that PSA Halifax has taken over Pier 30-31 for containers there is also traffic and container storage in the way.


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