Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Georgia S sails

The self-unloading bulk carrier Georgia S sailed this morning with a load of gypsum. The ship has been idled off and on for a year or more, usually anchored in Bedford Basin, due to lack of demand for gypsum.

This view of the ship shows the unusual stern, which accommodates the self-unloading gear. Not all ports can accommodate this ship, which contributes to its idleness. The advantage of this system is that it keeps the cargo dry, but it lacks the flexibility of other ships which have the slewing boom type of gear. Built in 1981, the ship is registered in Panama. It is owned by Sunskar Ltd of Hong Kong and managed by Skaarup Management Ltd, also of Hong Kong, and carries a Chinese crew.

When anchored in the Basin, the ship has its complete crew on board, ready to sail when an order for gypsum comes in. On this trip she is headed for Burlington, NJ.

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