Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Little Bit of Switzerland

A Swiss ship is anchored in Halifax harbour awaiting improved weather before sailing. Switzerland - even though it is an entirely landlocked nation- does indeed have a shipping register, and ships are registered there.

This ship, Andermatt (named for a Swiss town) is one of 8 ships of the Masseol Meridian fleet registered in Basel, Switzerland. The advantage of Swiss registry is apparently related to the Swiss tax regime. Their "don't ask, don't tell" banking policy may also be a factor.

Andermatt was built in Ulsan, South Korea in 2002 and is a Handysize bulk carrier of 20,200 deadweight tonnes. You can see the grab buckets on deck ready for use to load or unload bulk cargoes. It is fully loaded, and arrived yesterday to take on bunkers.

Interestingly this ship has been placed on the For Sale market and is reportedly available early in 2011 (presumably on completion of this voyage.)

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