Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Disney Magic - first time in Halifax

The cruise ship Disney Magic made it first appearance in Halifax today. Built in 1999 the 83,338 gross ton ship and its sister Disney Wonder have taken the Disney experience to sea for 2700 passengers served by a "cast and crew" of 950.
The ship is registered in the Bahamas and does incorporate some traditional design elements, including two funnels. Despite the incongruous funnel markings and the gratuitous "scrambled eggs" on the bow it is a handsome ship.
It is also fitted with a melodious whistle, which it sounded while casting off. The seven notes of the whistle sound out the first phrase of the song "If You Wish Upon a Star". The ship gave five blasts on a more conventional sounding horn soon after to shoo away some sailing craft that were crossing its outbound course. [ No doubt a sound recording of the signature Disney tune is available somewhere on the www.]

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