Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mustafa Kan- bunker parade continues

As mentioned in the last posting the Turkish-owned Mustafa Kan arrived over night for bunkers. The operation was completed late this morning, allowing some photo ops.
The ship is unusual as stated, because she has crane pedestals fitted, but no cranes. She is thus a gearless  cargo ship.The ship also has a breakwater forward to deflect seas from deck cargoes such as containers.  While this is not an unusual feature, I was fortunate to get a shot from aft showing the structure below it.

Another unusual feature is her funnel marking. The large white K in a white circle (for Kanlar Shipping) appears on the starboard side of the funnel as normal. The port side of the funnel is obscured by companionways, and so the monogram is applied to the aft side of the funnel. A little disorienting at first!

An interesting ship.

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