Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tuvaq - convincing icebreaker

The Coastal Shipping tanker Tuvaq made one if its rare calls in Halifax - the third visit by a Woodward tanker in the last week or so. It anchored this afternoon for bunkers.

Built in 1977 by the Werft Nobiskrug in Rendsburg, Germany for Neste O/Y of Finland, it is an icebreaking tanker, intended for the harshest conditions of the Baltic. Originally named Tiira it was acquired by the Woodward Group in late 2002 and renamed.
It has also proven itself in the Canadian arctic with numerous forays into the far north  and winter service in the St.Lawrence. It was here first in  February 2004 at Ultramar.
Originally powered by two V-12 MaK engines generating 15,600 bhp it was re-engined with two Wartsilsa 6 cylinder engines in 1997, this time giving 15,908 bhp on a single controllable pitch screw. For a ship of 11,290 gross tons/ 15,954 deadweight tonnes, this is about twice the power of a comparable non-icebreaking tanker.
Its impressive bow gives it a distinctive and powerful look.

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  1. I was at Hartlen Point this evening and could see three ships heading out to sea. I bet you could have told me what each ship was. From a distance they all looked like tankers to me.