Saturday, June 16, 2012

HMCS Halifax

HMCS Halifax returned to HMC Dockyard yesterday after her FELEX refit at Halifax Shipyards.
The 18 month (scheduled) refit, estimated to cost $549mn for the Halifax class frigates involves a huge modernisation that will allow the frigates to last until replacements are built.
With recent rumblings from Ottawa that the Canadian military's procurement package may be cut back, this mid-life refit may have to last longer than planned.
As Halifax is the first and oldest ship in the class, it will be the first to go when its time is up, but that not be until later than originally expected.
Work on the ship is not complete from my understanding-only the shipyard portion. More equipment upgrades/replacements will be performed at HMC Dockyard. Then come all the workups required to get the ship back into service.

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