Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lady Christina, HR Recommendation, Nanny - bunkers parade

Weeks can go by with few ships taking bunkers in Halifax then there is a lineup! That happened late this week as four ships called exclusively for bunkers and at least one one ship in port took bunkers. The port bunkering tnaker Algoma Dartmouth was kept very busy as a result.
First to arrive was the trim little Dutch cargo ship Lady Christina . Built in 2000 the 4,235 gross/ 5,375 deadweight vessel was built in 2000 with large hatches and a small travelling crane. Typical of many European ships these days it goes well beyond short sea routes to work all over the world.

1. Lady Christina arrived Thursday June 7 for bunkers. It sailed late that night.

On Friday the Canadian shuttle tanker Kometik took bunkers while alongside pier 26-27 for maintenance work.

2. Kometik bids a damp and foggy farewell to Halifax this afternoon. It bunkered on Friday.
And today the first to arrive was HR Recommendation  a 8,963 gross/ 10,538 deadweight vessel fitted with 250 tonne capacity heavy lift cranes. The ship is one of a large series built by for Beluga Shipping Co of Germany.  It was built in 2005 to be multi-functional, able to carry containers, bulk and general cargoes and heavy lifts and outsize cargo. When the company had to be restructured last year many of the 60 some ships were dispersed to new owners, most of whom, such as this one, merely painted over the "Beluga" name prefix and substituted a new one. Beluga had built ships in classes, E and F being the most prominent, and all ships in those classes had a second name beginning with that letter. There were only five ships in the R class, and all were built in in the Netherlands. The E/Fs were built in China.

3. The fog lifted a bit to permit a view of HR Recommendation with Algoma Dartmouth alongside this morning.

Soon after the Canadian product tanker Nanny anchored nearby. Although owned by the Woodward Group's Coastal Shipping Ltd since 2008, I believe this is its first visit to Halifax as Nanny. It was in Halifax in 1998 under its original name of Nathalie Sif. Then under Danish ownership, it loaded a hose reel for an arctic supply trip. Heavily reinforced for navigation in ice, it has continued in that role since becoming Canadian. It came to the attention of the press September 1, 2010 when it grounded 50km west of Gjoahaven and had to be lightered off by fleetmate Tuvaq before it could be refloated.
Built by Hyundai in Ulsan South Korea in 1993, the ship measures 6544 gross tons and 9,170 deadweight tonnes.

4. Bright sunshine appeared while Nanny bunkered this afternoon, but the harbour was socked in again when it sailed.

Later this evening another ship is due for bunkers. It is the cargo vessel Mustafa Kan , owned in Turkey, but registered in Panama. The 7,393 gross/ 9,250 deadweight ship is unusual, in that it is fitted with two deck crane pedestals, but the cranes have not been fitted. Since it is likely to arrive after dark, I likely won't get a photo.

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