Sunday, December 9, 2018

Fednav visitor

It's not often that we have a visit from Canada's largest ocean-going shipping company. Fednavv (short for Federal Commerce and Navigation Ltd) is a Montreal based corporation that owns more than 60 ships and charters more for a total fleet of better than 100 ships. It is also the largest single user of the St.Lawrence Seaway and the world's largest owner of ice class dry-bulk carriers. 

Federal Sutton arrived at sunrise this morning with some wisps of sea smoke and a light coating of frozen spray around the bow. The ship was built in 2012 by Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding Co in Zhoushan, China.

 Fednav ships used to be regular callers here. At one time they had a regular run bring in tire cores for Michelin. Those cargoes are now containerized and carried by other lines. A number of Fednav ships are ice strengthened and regularly serve the Upper St.Lawrence and Saguenay in winter. They used to come  here to embark or disembark ice advisors, and that no longer happens in Halifax, but off Sydney.

Once the tugs were made up alongside, the ship headed for pier 31. It sailed early this evening to continue its voyage from Sao Luis, Brazil to Baie Comeau, QC.

Fednav added is 60th owned vessel in July, one of 22 bulkers ordered from Oshima Shipyard in Japan since 2013. Earlier this year Fednav also ordered a replacement for its Canadian flagged icebreaking bulker //tanker Arctic. It will join the fleet in 2020.


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