Wednesday, March 11, 2020

No 3 in 1

Getting a photo of two ships underway in the same frame is not particularly difficult in Halifax, if one is in the right place at the right time. Getting three in one is rare enough that it is worth a try. Today's possibility could have been done with a drone, or being positioned in a high building, but I had neither of those advantages and had to make do with a "twofer".

The autocarrier Columbia Highway was due to sail at 1530 hrs ADT. The ConRo Oceanex Sanderling was to take its place at Autoport in a move from PSA Halifax at 1630. While this was going on the small container ship CLI Pride was due to sail from Cerescorp / Fairview Cove at 1600.

In order to provide each ship with room to work, Oceanex Sanderling opted to come off the berth at pier 41, turn, and work its way west of George's Island and fall in behind the outbound CLI Pride at a location north of George's Island. Meanwhile Columbia Highway would be able to exit Eastern Passage, sailing south of George's Island with lots of sea room, remaining ahead of CLI Pride.

The following is a sequence of photos, all taken from the Tall Ship's Quay, the closest vantage point to my home.

CLI Pride works its way outbound, heading east of George's Island, as the duty pilot boat Capt. E.T.Rogers heads out west of the island.

Oceanex Sanderling has cleared berth 41 and is headed northward.

Columbia Highway has rounded Indian Point and is halfway to Ives Knoll.

Columbia Highway dates from 2008 when it was built by Imabari, Marugame. With measurements of 59,493 gt, 18,930 dwt, it has a capacity of 6,237 cars. So far it has not been repainted in K-Line's new super graphic paint scheme.

Just to prove that Oceanex Sanderling did indeed pass west of George's Island the iconic George's Island light house shot is mandatory.

Speaking of George's Island, there has been much activity of late rebuilding the pier in preparation for a public opening this summer. The former cable ferry LaHave 2 , now with spuds installed, is the work platform for reconstructing the pier, along with a couple of sectional scows.


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