Friday, March 13, 2020

Port of Halifax - Cruise Cancellation

Cruise ships will not be calling in Halifax until July at the earliest. The announcement was made today as part of the latest set of precautions against the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The sole exception to this is cruise ships with fewer than 150  500 persons or less aboard.

While I normally zoom in on ships that are sailing from Halifax, I zoomed out today to show an empty waterfront boardwalk - possibly a sign of things to come.

Grimaldi Lines' Grande Halifax sets out for sea this afternoon, passing a boardwalk devoid of people. [see also footnote]

So far ship restrictions have been applied only to cruise ships, but measures to quarantine or restrict cargo ships are expected soon, since interactions with crews may be another risk area for spread of the disease.

"Develop Nova Scotia", the successor to the Waterfront Development Corporation, has succeeded in maintaining the curmudgeonly traditions of its predecessor. Instead of picking up their colorful deck chairs and putting them in storage somewhere for the winter, they have been chained to a bollard so they don't get thrown or blown into the harbour. Your average circus contortionist can still sit in them, but not necessarily facing the water. However there is a lovely view of the parking lot.
That move plus the "Not Maintained in Winter" signs on the boardwalk and dead trees in concrete tubs send a very unwelcoming message to those who do wish to visit the waterfront in the off season.
Maybe DNS should rename itself again. I suggest "Develop an Attitude Nova Scotia."


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