Friday, November 13, 2020

Tancook Ferry - South Shore Report #2 - REVISED

 There has been a mixed response to the news that the Tancook ferry is to be replaced and the terminal changed from Chester to Blandford. See previous post:

The new ferry, in order to accommodate 18 cars (!), will need new docks on both the mainland and the two islands (Big and Little Tancook). Since there is precious little room in Chester, Blandford was selected as a much closer depot.  [It is hard to imagine a demand for 18 cars on one trip to the islands. However the ability to carry an ambulance was cited as an important need. Also road construction equipment and larger vehicles.]

The Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (known familiarly as DTIR) [and don't rearrange the letters!] operators of the ferry service, it seems would also like to have as many interchangeable vessels on its routes as possible, so that standardization of facilities makes sense.

With the current ferry William G. Ernst (still) in refit at Theriault's in Meteghan,  DTIR's Scotian is doing the work. (It is DTIR's spare ferry, able to serve several routes when their boats are in refit.)

Strapped down on deck is an elderly highway coach, providing shelter for passengers.  Pedestrians embark and disembark by means of a complex gangway, but vehicles are not carried.

The double-ender was built by Ferguson Industries in Pictou in 1983 and is powered by two outdrives, mounted on one side. It measures 172 gt., 

Instead a one vehicle ferry system is operated by the tug Kenneth A. and a (so far) unnamed barge. The barge has a bow ramp, and retractable hydraulic outdrives that presumably permit it to dock in all three locales. There was no one around to ask if this is a private operation or part of the provincial system.

Perhaps a new sign will be provided in Blandford, and perhaps North will be UP!


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