Sunday, May 2, 2021

Maersk Penang - retracing its course

 As recounted yesterday the Maersk Penang was re-routed from Montreal to Saint John, NB last week due to the longshore strike. After  unloading in Saint John, it came to Halifax, which would have been its normal stop en route back to Europe.

When it sailed this evening I was startled to see how light it was in draft, meaning that it hardly took any cargo in Halifax. I was  equally surprised to see the ship giving its destination as Saint John. It must be going there to pick up export cargo that was redirected during the strike.

Along with most other lines sailing to the St.Lawrence, its schedule and vessel rotation are now in disarray. With longshore workers legislated back to work, it will be a major task to clear backlogs and service incoming ships.


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