Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Return Engagements

ONE update

 As predicted back in November the container ship ONE Maxim returned to Halifax on THE Alliance's EC5 service. Previous arrivals and departures under cover of darkness precluded the desired "underway" photos of the ship under this name. (There is something unsatisfying about a photo of a ship tied up.)

The ship did arrive this morning. Although not in full sunshine, its magenta hull paint does not require much light to appear bright.

As recounted November 22, 2020 the ship is the former MOL Maxim renamed and repainted earlier in 2020 during a refit. Other ships of MOL's M class are getting similar treatment, but there are still some members of the ten ship class with their original names, such as MOL Maestro due next week. THE Alliance is upping the size of ships on the EC5 and it may be the last one we see. [It is still scheduled into August]

In fact some of the new EC5  ships will be too big to reach Cerescorp's Fairview Cove terminal and will instead be handled by PSA Halifax, starting in July. That the two "rival" terminals would be  assisting each other is not unprecedented, but does add more fuel to rumours that PSA may be in line to purchase the Fairview Cove facility from NYK and rationalize operations.

CCG Update

CCGS Molly Kool returned to Halifax again this morning. It has been carrying out SAR duties in the region "on loan" from Newfoundland, to cover off refits. CCGS Kopit Hopson 1752 (ex Edward Cornwallis) will now be in refit until July and Cape Roger is starting a six month Vessel Life Extension. Sister ship Jean Goodwill is expected to be in refit until the end of June. It still remains to be seen if Captain Molly Kool will be returning to Davie for more upgrades. So far it does not seem that the ship has helicopter capability, which was to be one of the features of the conversion.


Departing (and returning) today for more sea trials, was CCGS Capt Jacques Cartier. According to press reports several deficiencies turned up in the first sea trials, delaying its entry into service - not to mention COVID related issues for suppliers and crews. Delays in refitting CCGS Alfred Needler have also meant that the new ship could not complete comparative testing. No date has been suggested for when Capt Jacques Cartier will be in full service. It was delivered from Seaspan to Halifax in November 2019.


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