Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Updates - all sorts

 Update 1

The "ultra" class container ship CMA CGM Marco Polo not only set a record last night (May 17) for the largest containerized cargo ship to berth in eastern North America [see previous post] but it also set a record for crowds and traffic jams. Not since the glory days of the Queen Elizabeth 2 and to a lesser extent the Queen Mary 2 have so many people crowded the shoreline to see a ship. Perhaps it was  the advance media coverage, or perhaps it was just so many people desperate for a break from COVID lock down. In any event, police had to close off the Point Pleasant Park lower parking lot because traffic had become unmanageable. There were also traffic jams at the Herring Cove look off, York Redout and Ferguson's Cove.

Even though it was well after dusk when the ship hove into view, images posted on line showed an impressive sight on a perfect May evening. [Cell phone cameras have a tremendous low light capability.]

Even during the day today, the curious vied for vantage points to see the ship. The yachtsman off the ship's bow probably had the best view.

Early reports indicate that PSA Halifax's cranes will make 1550 moves (of containers) while the ship is in Halifax. That compares to about 550 for an average ship. Long trains and extra trains have been scheduled for the next several days to clear the expected backlog.

Update 2

 As predicted the cargo ship Acadia Desgagnés returned to Canadian registration today (May 18) officially. The crew was apparently eager for this transition, as they completed repainting "St.John's" as port of registry yesterday afternoon.

However they were not inspired to brighten up the ship's name or IMO number while they were at it. Perhaps that will have to wait for a major paint job on the whole ship.

Update 3
The former Halifax / Dartmouth ferry Halifax III has left layup in Sambro and sailed under its own power to Lunenburg. After retiring from service in Halifax harbour the boat was purchased by Toronto Island Transit Services. Sister Dartmouth III, which was acquired by the same owners sailed for Toronto on its own, and the third ferry, Woodside I remains laid up in Lunenburg.

See also previous post: http://shipfax.blogspot.com/2021/04/where-are-they-now.html


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