Friday, May 21, 2021

NYK Delphinus - fire off California

Another container ship scheduled to call in Halifax has experienced a fire - but this one is a bit more remote. Unlike the January 3, 2019 fire on the Yantian Express northeast of Bermuda, this fire was not in the ship's cargo, but in its engine room. Also it occurred in the Pacific Ocean, six weeks or more before the ship was due in Halifax.

The ship in question is the NYK Delphinus recently assigned to THE Alliance's AL5 service. [See yesterday's post on sister ship NYK Remus and :


                                         NYK Delphinus (left) at Fairview Cove April 17, 2016.

The fire broke out on May 14, 2021, when the ship was 50 miles west of Monterey, California. It had sailed from Vancouver May 6 and was waiting for a berth in Oakland, California. (There is monumental port congestion in US west coast ports, and some ships are waiting a month or more to dock.) The crew isolated the engine room and shore based assistance was dispatched by the US Coast Guard and Resolve Marine, the designated salvors. Firefighting tugs from Foss and Baydelta also responded and cooled the ship's hull from the outside.

The fire was declared extinguished May 16 and the ship arrived under tow in Oakland on May 18.

According to THE Alliance's published AL5 schedule the ship was due in Halifax  July 6 after returning to Europe via the Panama Canal. Based on my interpretation of press reports it is likely that the ship will be out of service for some time and will likely not he calling here July 6. This may mean a blanked sailing if no substitute ship can be found to take up the slot.


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