Sunday, March 24, 2013

C-E Alliance - big bulker for CFIA inspection

If there was any doubt that ships travel the world in the course of their work, the recent spate of arrivals for Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspections should put that to rest.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is responsible for inspections to combat the spread of the Asian Gypsy Moth from its home habitat of Japan, Korea and eastern Russia. Both Canada and the US have set rigid rules for ships that have visited those areas in the last two years. They must report to authorities 96 hours before arrival in our waters, and if they do not have inspection certificates in order they must then be inspected before going on to their port of call.
See CFIA's site for more detail:
C-E Alliance is the latest ship to arrive in Halifax for an inspection.The ship, en route from Rotterdam to Port Cartier, QC to load iron ore must have been in one of those gypsy moth countries within the last two years. The 87,363 gross tons, 172,499 deadweight tonnes bulker is operated by Maritime Trust Ltd of Athens, Greece and registered in Malta. It was built in 2001 by Nippon Kokan's Tsu yard as Unique Alliance and acquired its current name in 2006.
As an iron ore carrier it has very likely been to China or South Korea to deliver its cargoes. 

The ship is termed a Capesize vessel because it is too deep and too wide to transit the Suez Canal (and the Panama Canal) and therefore must round either the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn to reach its destinations.

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