Friday, March 22, 2013

Floragracht - Spliethoff F class

1. Floragracht weighs anchor. Note the web between the submerged bulbous bow and the stem. The bulb projects .5m beyond the bow.
Another of the distinctive Spliethoff ships made an over night stay in Halifax. Floragracht is one of six "F" class ships in the 60 strong fleet. The Dutch company specializes in unusual cargoes and its ships maintain temperature and humidity control  for paper and other sensitive goods.
As with other ships in the fleet Floragracht has a bulbous bow with a sort of web joining the bulb to the stem - perhaps a feature unique to the "Gracht" ships. It is of course painted in the company's distinctive colour, but unlike other  classes it does not have all the ventilators and side doors. It looks more like a small scale open hatch ship, and all three 80 tonne cranes are aligned on the ship's starboard side.
The ship sailed at noon for Trois-Rivières, QC, a noted paper port.
For more on Spliethoffs see their excellent web site:
2. The ship is flying the Canadian flag and company flag forward and the national flag aft.

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