Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kim Jacob - Suezmax tanker arrives

The Suezmax crude tanker Kim Jacob arrived this afternoon after an earlier arrival was scrubbed. The ship was built in 1998 by Daewoo Heavy Industries in South Korea and measures 81,265 gross tons and 159,211 deadweight.
Originally scheduled for an 0800 arrival at the pilot station, the ship in stead went to anchor until early afternoon. As usual for sizable tankers, the ship was met by the tug Atlantic Oak which put up a stern line and acted as tethered escort from the area of the inner pilot station. The  other tow tugs, Atlantic Larch and Atlantic Willow met the ship at the Middle Ground and berthed it at the Number 5 dock at Imperial Oil.
The ship is operated by the German company Ernst Jacob, based in Flensburg, but it flies the Liberian flag.
For more on her owners and some additional photos of the ship see:

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