Thursday, March 14, 2013

IT Intrepid and IT Interceptor, seeing double at pier 9

The cable ship IT Intrepid arrived this morning and tied up alongside IT Interceptor at pier 9. Soon after the crews began transferring material from one ship to the other.
International Telecom Canada Inc was granted a coastal license to all IT Intrepid to work in Canadian waters (the ship is registered in Barbados) to repair a fibre optic cable in the Cabot Strait off Rose Blanche, NL, using a type of unmanned submarine, or ROV. The license covers the period March 13 to March 25.
The ship is specially equipped with a gantry aft, which I assume is to handle the ROV.

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  1. You can see the 'Explorer' ROV at the bow end from some of your pictures. Does anybody have a contact number for the IT Intrepid Office as their Axys Avos AWS has stopped reporting: I miss the sailwx reports and can't 'stalk' this vessel any more, perhaps Environment Canada no longer need this Voluntary Observing Ship recruit :(