Thursday, March 28, 2013

Miscellaneous news:

Abco delivers for CCG again

Abco of Lunenburg has produced another small vessel for the Minisiter of Fisheries and Oceans. This time it is the S.Dudka, a 31 gross ton workboat, powered by two jet drives, and capable of 26 knots. The new boat was registered On May 25.

Desgagnés' long awaited ship en route

Bella Desgagnés left the Palumbo Shipyard in Naples on March 22 headed for Canada. The new cargo passenger ship was under construction in Croatia when the shipyard went out of business. The ship was moved to Italy where Palumbo completed all the outstanding work in record time to meeet this year's shipping season. Bella Desgagnés is two years late as it is due to delays in the Croatian yard.
The ship is designed to service the Quebec lower North Shore workin g out of Rimouski. More detail to follow when the ship is delivered. As of today it is between Gibraltar and the Azores.

Hapag-Lloyd / Hamburg Süd merger is off

Merger talks between tow German container firms have been called off at the request of Hamburg-Süd. This came after Hapag-Lloyd's latest financials reveal continued losses. The Oetker family, who control Hamburg-Süd state that they could not agree to terms for the merger.

CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent - two updates

1.   The Louis' annual refit will take place May 8 to June 19 according to the Merx Canada public tenders website. There will be an viewing of the ship scheduled for April 11 - where else but in Argentia, NL, the ship' remote and political homeport.. Of course the ship will likely come back to Halifax for the refit  (oh and by the way the ship is in Halifax now.) I wish someone from the Harper Government would admit that transferring the Louis to Argentia has not saved a dime.

2.  Mystery solved? The infamous starboard side crease may well have been incurred during the Louis' most famous moment -the one that should give the ship a place in history. Wonder what that moment was? Stay tuned.

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