Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday traffic - mostly departures

At sunrise this morning the open hatch cargo ship Star Kilimanjaro sat peacefully in one of the outer anchorages, awaiting her turn at the grain berth.
By late morning the departures began with the crude carrier Kim Jacob sailing from Imperial Oil in ballast, giving Covenas, Columbia as her next port. Algoscotia sailed from the adjacent berth a little later.
.All three tugs, Atlantic Larch (bow), Atlantic Willow (midships) and Atlantic Oak (stern) push up on the ship while the lines are let go.
Once clear of the dock Atlantic Willow scooted around to the port bow to assist in pushing the ship out into the stream.
Once a tug was clear of the tanker, Novia upped anchor to go alongside pier 41 to get ready to work tomorrow. The Melfi Lines ship arrived last evening and spent the night at anchor.
It was a late afternoon departure for Kile Express. The ship arrived before first light this morning and sailed from Fairview Cove for Antwerp.
Last out was the Egyptian bulker Wadi Alarab with a partial load of grain. It is heading next for Port Cartier, QC to top up before heading to sea.

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