Monday, March 18, 2013

Star Kilimanjaro - state of the art open hatch cargo ship

After my little essay on open hatch cargo ships (see: White Pearl ) it is interesting to see today's arrival Star Kilimanjaro - a state of the art modern open hatch ship at pier 27.
Built in 2009 it rates as 37,158 gross and 49, 862 deadweight with two 70 tonne gantry cranes. Operated by Grieg Shipping of Bergen, Norway, it  is part of a large fleet of open hatch ships. The ships is enrolled under the Norwegian International register which confers many of the benefits of flag of convenience, unlike the Norwegian domestic register. The Grieg Group is a large conglomerate, and its shipping wing has its own website:
The ship tied up before first light this morning, so by the time I spotted it, the cranes had their outriggers opened (they fold up to the same width as the ship) and they had already started loading wood pulp - or so it appeared..
Among the other unusual features of this ship are the twin tubular funnels and twin spiral companionways joining all the decks of the superstructure.

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