Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bahri Hofuf - large cargo

The Saudi ship Bahri Hofuf had a large consignment of cargo to load today. There were numerous RoRo items including the usual quantity of a dozen or so military LAVs and a large wheel loader. The ship also worked containers using its own cranes.

Bahri Hofuf was accepted from builder Hyundai Mipo on May 1 of this year, and was the second of the new 50,000 gross ton ConRos to be delivered. The ship is deceptive looking. It is so proportioned that it is not until alongside that its size can really be appreciated.
Its giant stern tamp looks capable of gobbling up just about any conceivable cargo, including the diminutive MSM Don at the next berth. The pickup truck beside the ramp gives some idea of the scale.

Note: Despite my hopeful prediction it did not  load the cargo of windmill blades. They remain on the pier for another ship.

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