Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oceanex Connaigra -where to for repairs

Oceanex Connaigra will not be drydocking in St.John's as I had reported earlier, for the very simple reason that the ship is too large to fit into the confines of the graving dock at Newfoundland Dockyard.

As of this writing the ship appears to be eastbound, on the south coast of Newfoundland, heading in the general direction of Burgeo. Earlier in the day it was westbound in the same general area. AIS also has it due in Halifax November 23. The Novadock floating drydock at Halifax Shipyard can accommodate the ship, but the present occupant, Travestern would have to vacate first.

The nearest other drydocks that could accommodate it are at Méchins, QC and Lévis, QC.



  1. Mac she is heading to halifax but had to hide out close to nfld coast due to very bad weather with nw winds. "SNOCKY"

  2. Lévis Champlain drydock is currently full with two ship under construction inside it since 2007....

    Lorne drydock is too small for this ship