Friday, November 1, 2013

Zim Luanda - arrives early, greeted by flare

Container ship Zim Luanda arrived in port early today. Due to high winds the ship could not anchor outside the harbour to wait her scheduled arrival time at Halterm, so instead came into port and dropped the hook at anchorage number 1.
Built in 2009 by Samsung SB+HI at their Koje, South Korea yard, the ship was delivered June 26,2009 to owners Seaspan Ship Management. It was immediately sold to Danaos Shipping of Greece, complete with its long term charter to Zim.  Seaspan has arranged for finance/construction/charter/management arrangements with many companies, and now manages about 70 ships for major shipping lines.

This ship measures 40,030 gross tons and 50,800 deadweight and has a capacity of 4253 TEUs.
A pyrotechnic flare, in the air at about midships, was part of a survival training exercise being conducted  near Ives Knoll, not related to the Zim Luanda

Connors Diving's boat Eastcom stood by during the exercise, which may have included lifeboats, rafts, survival suits and people in the water (intentionally).

Earlier this week Eastcom returns to base following another assignment. In the right background is a survival training installation at Woodside.

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  1. Luanda was at 42. Moved to #1 due to the southwesterly winds pushing it off.