Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Note to Chronicle Herald Photo Editor

A file photo in today's Halifax Chronicle Herald purports to show a fishing boat maneuvering in sea smoke in Halifax Harbour. It is a wonderful shot by staff photographer Tim Krochak, and the boat is indeed steaming through wintery sea smoke, but it is not a fishing boat.
It is in fact the Halifax Port Authority's work boat Maintainer 1.

Built in 1995 by A.F Thériault in Meteghan, NS, Maintainer 1 is tasked with maintaining the fenders along the port's piers, picking up deadheads and other debris, and other general work around the port.
On July 14, 2002 it was struck by the ship Esperanza, and pinned against the pier. On February 16, 2003 it sank at its berth at pier 25 when a through hull fitting froze and burst. In both cases it was repaired, and in the latter the engine exhaust was re-routed through the cabin top.

Just for comparison puropses, here is a fishing boat:
The Oralee is based in Eastern Passage, and it often seen during lobster season working in along the shore at Point Pleasant Park, and usually operating singlehanded. It was built of fibre reinforced plastic in 1973 by R.D.Ross of Clark's Harbour, Cape Sable Island . In this photo it is using a steadying sail aft as its operator baits a trap. It is of the type called a Cape Islander, a common inshore fishing vessel of Atlantic Canada..
CCGS Sir William Alexander passes Ives Knoll outbound in the background.


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