Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A new blog

As part of the evolution of Shipfax into a new format (which is not yet decided), I have started a new blog called Navigation Québec.

It will feature photos from my collection (mostly my own photos, but others contributed or given to me) featuring the passenger and coastal cargo ships of the St.Lawrence River. Among them will be the wooden cargo schooners called goelettes that were a feature of the river until the 1970s.

Goelettes have been a special interest of mine since childhood, and neither of my current blogs, Shipfax nor Tugfax are appropriate venues for this topic.

Navigation Québec will rarely feature current events. It will instead be more archival. It will also be devoid of very much literary content. It will endeavour to be bilingual French/English and so to avoid lengthy translations I will mostly just show photos and provide a bit of fact or data. I also won't be moderating time consuming comments on a regular basis. There are other venues for conversations and opinions.

My intro to Navigation Québec, which will remain as the only post for a few days, gives an idea of the breadth of the topic. Toggle onto Navigation Québec in the "My Faves" panel to the left.


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