Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My turn, then your turn

The inbound Nagoya Express got priority this afternoon and transited the Narrows first. The outbound Northern Debonair left the west berth at Fairview Cove and went well out in the Basin until the Narrows was clear, then headed to sea. The east berth at Fairview Cove was occupied by Halifax Express.

Nagoya Express heads through the Narrows with Atlantic Larch on the port bow and Atlantic Oak (not visible) as tethered escort astern.

Nagoya Express is here for the first time on the G-6 service. It was built in 20010 by Hyundai, Ulsan as Basle Express. It was renamed in 2012. At 93,811 grt, 101,000 dwt it has a capacity of 8749 TEU (730 reefer).

As a Hapag-Lloyd container crosses the A.Murray MacKay bridge just astern, Northern Debonair works its way through the Narrows. It is under the size required to have an escort tug.

Northern Debonair is also a first time caller, and is here on ACL service. It was built in 2007 by Shanghai Chengxi as CSAV Rahue but became Northern Debonair on delivery to owners Norddeutsche Vermogen From 2011 to 2012 it carried the name of NYK Lyttleton. It measures 35,975 grt, 42,183 dwt, and carrues 3534 TEU, including 500 reefers.


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