Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We Have Lift On

NASA may have Lift Off, but today Halifax harbour had Lift On. The semi-submersible heavy lift barge Boa Barge 33 was put to the test and came through swimmingly.

The barge arrived September 27 in tow of the tug Boa Odin- see Tugfax and after some time at pier 27 and pier 28, it moved out into the harbour yesterday:

Tugs Atlantic Larch (at the bow) and Boa Odin near the stern, move the Boa Barge 33 past the Novadock yesterday afternoon. It is easy to see that the barge is easily large enough to carry each section with room to spare.

Despite drizzly weather this morning the barge was submerged and the first section of the former Novadock was floated over.

 This morning the barge is all but invisible as it is submerged in number 6 anchorage area in the lower harbour. 
(Princess of Acadia remains laid up at the former Coast Guard base in Dartmouth.)

 Early this afternoon, with the Novadock in place, the refloating operation continues for the barge.

Once the load is secured and there is a suitable weather window the long trip to Florida will begin. The second section of the floating drydock will follow in due course. It is a larger and heavier section and will also depend on very good weather to make the trip.


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