Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Securing Novadock

Now that the first section of the Novadock is safely aboard the Boa Barge 33, work goes on to secure it in place. The work includes brackets to the underside of the Novadock where it overhangs the barge. Several small craft and barges from RMI Marine are employed in this work which will take several days. It must be very unpleasant work, with decades of marine growth built up on the hull and now exposed to the air.

Note the small craft working under the overhang. The drydock has been plated over where it was cut in two (The new steel is painted in red primer.) Note also the cross bracing wires on the drydock to ensure that it did not sag during loading.

As a non-powered vessel, the Boa Barge 33 must have a tug alongside at all times when at anchor in case it is required to move, or if it goes adrift. That is its companion tug Boa Odin at the stern.

There is also a Caterpillar packaged generator on the drydock to provide power for lights and pumps.

New owners, International Ship Repairs in Tampa, FL have several other drydocks, some of which can be coupled together when needed to take larger ships. It seems likely that they would do the same with Novadock , but it was necessary to cut it in two for transport anyway.


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