Friday, October 16, 2015

Problèmes in St-Pierre et Miquelon

It seems that the St-Pierre et Miquelon weekly shuttle service is in turmoil once again. Latest incumbent on the run Nolhanava - celebrated here April 22, 2015 - has been replaced.

The Nolhanava is carrying lots of cargo on its July 25 departure for St-Pierre.
Nolhanava arrived here on schedule September 23. After unloading it sat idle at its berth at pier 36 until the early hours of October 3 when it sailed giving Colon, Panama as its destination.

The ship's replacement must have been planned as the small cargo ship Dinkeldiep had arrived September 18 and worked cargo at pier 28 then moved to pier C. But then it then shifted to pier 26 with mechanical problems October 3 and finally sailed  Friday October 9 for St-Pierre. That meant there was no service to St-Pierre that week.

 Two tugs were called for to move the ship from Halterm to pier 26.

The ship has a traveling hatch lifter for pontoon type hatches and two offset cranes. Not ideally suited for container work and not at all for RoRo.

Dinkeldiep returned again today and was to sail this evening on the weekly Friday schedule for St-Pierre this evening. As a non- RoRo ship it would certainly not be as convenient for the St-Pierre service. Built in 2011 by Rongcheng SBI in China. It measures 4220 grt, 5646 dwt and has two cranes. Flying the Liberian flag, it is owned by MTL Maritime Transport, Duisburg, Germany.

Dinkeldiep glides in to pier C at sunrise this morning. Wheeled cargo is lashed down on a 40 foot flat rack container.

There has been mounting pressure in Miquelon for a single ship to run weekly from Halifax to both St-Pierre and to Miquelon, As it is now all cargo is landed in St-Pierre and transshipped by Aldona to Miquelon, resulting in delays and high costs.

A report from Miquelon has described the need for a faster ship that could maintain the weekly schedule, be able to handle RoRo and LoLo cargo and carry 11 passengers.


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