Friday, March 9, 2018

Can spring be far away

Crew members began taking in the storm mooring lines this morning on the Radcliffe R. Latimer. By the time I happened by they had already brought home the starboard anchor that had been on the bottom since January. Although difficult to see in the photo, the ship was also rigged with fire wires for the winter. These are steel cables slung overside fore and aft to allow tugs to tie on without the aid of ship's crew in case of emergency.

With all lines slacked off, crew will bring in the extra lines rigged for storm conditions.

The ship has been in winter maintenance since January and is now fitting out for the season, to be ready for the opening of the St.Lawrence Seaway March 29. As with most Great Lakes ships, and even this one that spends much of its time in salt water, it lays up for the winter months. This allows time for necessary repairs and maintenance that can't be done during the non-stop navigation season. Unfortunately there won't be much time for painting. That will have to wait for better weather or a drydocking.

This afternoon the ship is scheduled to move from its layup berth at pier 25-26 to pier 27 for some more work.

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