Thursday, April 12, 2012

Azamara Journey - first of the season

It's awfully early for a cruise ship in our waters, but Azamara Journey is on a Titanic themed cruise out of New York, and so arrived today to take in several Titanic related sites (and sights) in Halifax. It sailed this evening bound for the site of the sinking, which will also be visited by Balmoral on the day/night of the 100 th anniversary of the famous incident.

Azamara Journey was built in 2000 as R.Six one of similarly named vessels. If memory serves, the owners went broke before the ships were completed and they were put up for sale.

This ship became Blue Dream in 2005 and took on its present name in 2007. It is managed by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Azamara is considered a boutique cruise line, offering specialized cruises, with relatively small numbers of passengers (694 in double occupancy) but only 440 on this particular trip.

The only other ship in the Azamara fleet, Azamara Quest (ex Blue Moon, Delphin Renaissance, R. Seven) made headlines when it experienced an engine room fire March 30 off Malaysia. It arrived safely in Sandakan April 1. The crew received high praise from passengers for their professional handling of the situation which left the ship without propulsion for 24 hours.

Not only is Azamara Journey the first cruise ship of the season, it is also the first visit to Halifax by this particular ship.


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