Sunday, April 29, 2012

Diamond Express - out; Chimborazo-in

Out with the old, in with the new, as two tankers passed in Halifax harbour. The timing of the departure of Diamond Express and arrival of Chimborazo was well planned today, so that the outbound ship could take the western (deepwater) channel and the inbound laden ship could take the main channel. The main channel is a straighter course and as the ship was slowing, it was much less easy to manoeuvre, even with an escort tug on a stern wire,
The outbound ship is the chemical/products tanker Diamond Express built in 2009 and measuring 27,976 gross tons/ 45,634 deadweight tonnes. It arrived in Halifax April 25 and sailed for Rotterdam. It flies the Panamanian flag and is owned in Japan and managed by Mitsui OSK Lines.
 1. Diamond Express outbound.
 2. As the inbound ship approaches Meagher's Beach, the outbound Diamond Express stears toward the western channnel. 

3. The inbound Chimborazo is loaded and has Atlantic Oak as tethered escrot on a stern line,

The inbound ship is interesting, not so much for its characteristics. Chimorazo is 35,770 gross tons and 66,138 deadweight, built in 1999 buy Hyundai in Ulsan, South Korea. A typical ship of those yards, it is relatively small for a crude oil tanker. We normally see crude carriers nearer 150,000 deadweight here. It is unusual in that it is owned by Flota Petrolera Ecuatorian (Flopec)-the state oil company of Ecuador. It is registered in Guayaquil and flies the Ecuadorian flag. It is not the first Ecuadorian ship to call in Halifax, but is certainly a rare sight. Oil is one of Ecuador's major exports, but I have no idea where its present cargo comes from.

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