Monday, April 23, 2012

Margaret Elizabeth No.1 is number one

1. Margaret Elizabeth No.1 tied up at the Sackville pier.
The first herring seiner to show up in Halifax this spring is Margaret Elizabeth No.1 out of Grand Manan, NB. While most other seiners are still in spring refit, Margaret Elizabeth No.1 got an early start after a quick two week drydocking, including fresh paint. So far the early start has not paid off. After an exploratory trip off Canso, the herring were still to deep to catch.
The boat is laying over in Halifax for a few days and may return to the Bay of Fundy.
Built by Ferguson Industries in Pictou in 1971 the boat has been owned by Vonndell II Fisheries Ltd for its entire career. Vonndell is an independent company (not one of the large processors), originally based in North Head, Grand Manan, but which now lists Fredericton, NB as its home. They have continually maintained and upgraded the boat, adding a bow thruster, and in 2008 installing a new Caterpillar engine (increasing power from 1125 bhp to 1141 bhp) gear box, etc., The seine boat has had a cabin installed and the ramp configuration was modified also.

2. The enclosed seine boat perches on the ship's stern. Much of the net pen and boat ramp have been replaced. The boat is now stowed on the ship's centreline.

3. In 1976 the radars and other nav gear were different and the seine boat was open. It was also stowed to the port side aft.

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  1. Remember the Margaret Elizabeth well from the old days , when a fleet of seiners were landing several tousand tons of herring every night.
    Vincent Doucette was the skipper, a good man. Many more herring seines have gone by the wayside since those days.