Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hoegh Maputo - another new car carrier

1. Hoegh Maputo raises its 120 tonne capacity stern ramp as it prepares to leave Autport late this morning.

The steady stream of car carriers coming into Halifax speaks to an increasing market for imports in Canada. The number of new Audis alone is staggering.

Hoegh Maputo is a 47,266 gross ton ships, built in 2011. It was delivered in July last year by Xiamen Industries in China and named at a ceremony in Mozambique in Ocotober. It can carry 4300 cars, and other RoRo cargo using its 120 tonne capacity stern ramp.

Owned by the legendary Leif Hoegh & Co, the ship is just one of the huge Hoegh Autoliners fleet.

If you go to fleet list, then look for "fleet over time" you will see particulars on the 291 ships the company had owned from 1928 to 2008. They have added several new ships since then!

The ship arrived before dawn this morning and sailed by noon, leaving more new Audis on the dock.


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