Monday, April 30, 2012

Odd ship at Gypsum (2)

Another odd ship appeared at National Gypsum today. In October the Heron loaded for the first and only time, see:
Today it is a similar kind of ship - an open hatch type (meaning its hatches are the full width of the cargo hold) and with two 30 tonne gantry cranes. Built to carry forest products primarily, it started off life in 1977 at Kawasaki Heavy Industries at Sakaide, Japan, as Hoegh Mascot. It has carried that name three times in its life. It has also been called Saga Mascot, Star Mascot and just plain Mascot (twice) depending on owners and charters.
It is currently registered in the Bahamas, but owned and operated by SMT Ship Management of Limassol, Cyprus, known for their operation of ancient bulk carriers.
If the pattern holds true this time, the ship is likely working its way to the scrappers. That is what happened to Heron. It arrived in Alang, India, March 26 and is being broken up.

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