Friday, May 18, 2018

Onego Capri with rails and more oil from the Netherlands [updated]

Another load of rail arrived for CN this morning on the Antigua and Barbuda flag ship Onego Capri.
The ship berthed at pier 27 and unloading is due to begin almost immediately.

CN imports its rail from Poland and Onego Shipping seems to be the favoured carrier. This ship was built in 2002 by Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries  Ltd, the Korean owned shipyard in Managalia, Romania. It is an open hatch type vessel with box shaped ventilated holds and pontoon hatch covers. Two 40 tonne capacity cranes work the holds of the 6806 grt, 10,273 dwt ship. It carried the name Sider Capri from 2009 to 2012.
Update: The ship was launched as Sider Alie but completed as Sider Capri by Bodewes Volharding, Foxhol, Netherlands

Meanwhile another load of petroleum from the Netherlands arrived at Irving Oil on Tuesday on the Handymax tanker STI Acton. Amsterdam seems to be the preferred source for certain types of products for both Irving Oil and Imperial Oil these days, although Irving certainly brings in product from its Saint John refinery on a regular basis too.

Scorpio Tankers Inc operates the Scorpio Handymax Tanker Pool with most of its ships carrying the names of London or New York neighborhoods (and subway stops). STI Acton dates from 2014 when it was delivered by Hyundai Mipo. It is an Ice Class 1A ship (note the full width enclosed bridge) of 24,2162 grt, 38,743 dwt - typical Handysize tonnages. The ship is due to sail today. sailed last night for Saint John, NB where it will likely take on a new load from Irving Oil.

Amsterdam has become a major distribution hub for petroleum - not just product that is refined there, but also imported and blended there. A variety of other chemicals are also shipped from the port.
The Port's website gives a hint at the scale of the operation:


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