Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Spring Cleaning

The bulk carrier Nordic Yarra anchored this morning for Asian Gypsy Moth inspection. This annual spring cleaning event occurs frequently in Halifax harbour when inspectors from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency board ships that have been in parts of eastern Asia recently and wish enter Canadian waters.

The examination takes only a few hours as the inspectors know where to look for the larva, usually found around light fixtures. If the search is negative, the ship is soon on its way to inland ports where trees could be adversely effected by moth infestations.

Nordic Yarra was built in 2012 by Yangzhou Guoyu to a Handysize Seahorse  standard design, measuring 24,212 grt, 37,205 dwt. It carries four 30 tonne cranes and can handle a variety of bulk products in its box shaped holds. The ship is in ballast and is headed for Sorel-Tracy, QC.

At Pier 9B the former Nore is now the CL Aquarius under Canadian flag and was registered yesterday in Vancouver. The Newfoundland ship managers Canship Ugland Ltd are listed owners representatives, but it is still not clear who the west coast operators will be. Ships normally take bunkers from barges on the west coast.

There was much activity on board bringing the ship up to Canadian standards, including jettisoning some life rings that apparently do not comply.


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