Sunday, January 13, 2019

A touch of levity

In a bit of departure from the normal Shipfax post here is a touch of levity for a change.

"Buster" Keaton's 1921 move "The Boat" is a classic in nautical humour. The star is of course Keaton himself, but the boat called Damfino is certainly entitled to to at least second billing. It's name will become apparent during a Morse Code conversation at about minute 15 in the version I prefer.
(There are several versions on the net, but I like the one that includes the original titles.) 

See the movie here:
Built on a very fine lined hull, owing its ancestry to sailing craft, it was obviously cobbled together by the studio for comic effect.

However if you want a more realistic boat, another Keaton film may fill the bill.

"The Love Nest" (1923) features a schooner fitted out as a whaler with an unlikely crew:

There is of course the full length "Steamboat Bill Jr." (1928) featuring big stern wheel river steamers.

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