Friday, January 4, 2019

Tropical Hope

When Tropical Shipping moved its operations from Saint John to Halifax starting in January 2017, it was with chartered ships, but the company had new ships on order, and they were expected in July and September of 2018. Time has flown as have delivery dates, but the first of the new ships arrived today. Tropical Hope was built by Guangzhou Wencheng Shipyard in China, the first of four in Tropical's Carib class. Measuring 15,125 gt, 20,400 dwt, it has a stated capacity of 1100 TEU including 260 reefers, and carries two 45 tonne cranes.

Two of the Carib ships will be assigned to Halifax calls, replacing chartered tonnage. Tropical Hope will sail January 7, replacing Asian Sun, which was here last on December 24, 2018 .

Bomar Rebecca will continue in service, having been delayed by weather on its last trip, but is expected January 14.

At 9,950gt, 13,700 dwt the chartered ships are much smaller than the new one, but are rated at 1118 TEU. The owners may be giving nominal TEU (as opposed to loaded TEU), whereas the new ship may be given a more realistic number allowing for a percentage of loaded boxes.

On Janaury 8, 2017, the first ship to call for Tropical was Vega Omega which was replaced by Asian Sun in September 2017. Bomar Rebecca was the second ship to call, January 16, 2017, but at the time carried the name AHS Hamburg. It was renamed in July 2017.

Although neither Halterm nor the shipping line give out numbers, it is widely believed that they are moving more than the predicted 500 boxes per week in and out of Halifax.

 Most of Tropical's containers are temperature controlled (white coloured). Dry boxes are a rusty colour, and all display the company name in large graphics.
The stylized "T" and arrow, looking like a palm tree, has also been applied to the crane pedestals on the new ship.

Tropical Hope tied  up at pier 37 Halterm for welcoming ceremonies.

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