Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Torm and Schulte

I always enjoy seeing a ship from the Danish company Torm A/S. They are among the few tankers that display the company name on the side. Not only that but the company house flag design is also painted on. Then there is the unique paint scheme. which certainly makes them stand out from the rest.

Torm Camilla arrived this afternoon and tied up at Irving Oil's Woodside terminal. The ship started out in 2003 from STX Shipbuilding Co in Jinhae, South Korea with the unusual name Gron Falk but took its present name in 2005 when acquired by Torm. It flies the Danish flag, but is otherwise a fairly typical MidRange tanker of 30,024 gt, 46,219 dwt.

As Torm Camilla docks at Woodside, the small tug Roseway is tucked under the stern, picking up mooring lines to take ashore.

Tugs are kept well away from the billboards, so as not to mar the paint job.

Gerhard Schulte also arrived this afternoon for ACL and went to Fairview Cove. Apparently the ship has been chartered in to make up for lost capacity due to the unplanned drydocking of Atlantic Sail in Hamburg
The ship is owned by the Bernard Schulte company of Hamburg, and was built in 2006 by Shanghai Chengxi Shipyard. Shortly after delivery it was renamed APL Bangkok for a charter which ended in 2014, and it reverted to its present name.

The 35,991 gt, 42,082 dwt ship has a capacity of 3534 TEU, including 500 reefers. ACL's schedule shows the ship sailing from Halifax on Friday. so it will be in port for some time. It is also scheduled to be back in Halifax June 13. (The ship is to sail earely tomorrow morning).


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