Monday, April 7, 2014

Autoport - stuffed to the gills and beyond [updated]

New cars keep on arriving at Autoport in Eastern Passage, to the extent that they have flowed out beyond the normal borders. There are even cars stored in the parking lot at the Hartlen Point golf course! Several other fields and waste lands are filled with cars and vans. With mud season in full swing, they better move them soon or they will start to sink in.
There is extra security at all these off-site parking lots, so the cars are quite safe.

Some cars leave Autoport by truck, but the vast majority go out by rail. After all Autoport is owned and operated by CN Rail.

With recent government directives to the railways to move more grain, can we expect the Minister of Transport to decree that new cars must be moved? Someone must be waiting for these cars.

The oft quoted figure of 25,000 cars is the Autoport capacity, but with certainly several hundred stored outside the regular borders, and with two more another ships due this week - where will they go?

Fedora arrived over the noon hour today, and Eridanus Leader is due on Wednesday.
Fedora was built in 2008 and measures a whopping 71,583 gross tons. It has a capacity of 7,500 cars, and it will certainly not unload that many on this visit, but it will contribute to the backlog.


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