Monday, April 14, 2014

Laurentia Desgagnés - new to Canada

The newest Canadian flag tanker was registered about April 11, but was immediately bareboat chartered out to Barbados flag.
The former Palva, ex Neste Polaris, is the first of two big tankers acquired by Transport Maritime St-Laurent for service as crude oil shuttle tankers between Montreal and the Valero refinery in Lévis QC. It and sister Stena Poseidon, yet to be renamed, will be brought under Canadian flag for the work, and will require certain modifications as a result. The ships are sisters, and were built to ice class, and will run year round on their new assignments.
They were built in 2007 by Split Shipyard in Croatia and measure 42,810 grt / 47,927 to 47,940 dwt
As Palva, the ship sailed from Liverpool, UK, April 8 and headed directly for drydock in Belfast where the modifications will take place. The chartering out to Barbados is a matter of convenience for the owners since they will not have to comply with Canadian regulations as to crewing and other matters until the ship is ready for service.


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