Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Queen Express

Not a Hapag-Lloyd ship, today's arrival Queen Express was certainly not built for speed, as a container ship would be. It is a typical handy size product tanker, one of the scads of similar ships we are seeing in Halifax now. The only unusual thing about it is that it was built in Japan instead of Korea as the majority of ships of this type. it is also built to a similar appearance as much larger tankers. The flared bow, anchor nacelles, and bridge wing props are typically found on large crude oil tankers.

Queen Express came from the Shin Kurushima Onishi Shipyard in Imabari, Japan in 2009. Its tonnages of 28,054 gross and 45,565 deadweight place in the slightly smaller end of the category which usually has deadweights nearer 50,000 tonnes. It flies the Panama flag and is owned by Fuyo Kaiun of Osaka.
Anchoring in the lower harbor usually signifies a short term stay, so it will likely move alongside soon.

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